Private economy do not need to be difficult

To manage your personal finances can seem daunting. How do you do it in a simple and quick way, without having to remember various passwords.

How to create an overview so you can always be sure that your finances are fine.
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Your economy on the phone

Here is the app that gives you an overview of your present and future economy without having to look at your economy during the past months.

If you spend 5 seconds each time you buy something or pay a bill , then this app in a short time gives you a complete overview of your finances and provides you with a budget for the next 12 months .

Instead of spending many hours or days on going back in time to see what you have spent your money on the past year this app will build your future budget piece by piece .

Much more under product .

Always at hand

When you use this app you will always have your finances at your fingertips.

You can easily see the status now and also in the future.

The app is made for you, so only you can see your economy and only you decide who you want to show it to.

By exporting the fixed budget, you can show others how you here planned your finances and is perfect if you eg. must apply for a loan .